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“This community is as eager as I am to identify how we can improve our police and fire stations to give our public safety professionals the updated facilities they need to do their jobs effectively."                                                     
                                    - Mayor Paul Brodeur (Patch, October 4, 2021)

Please watch these brief videos to learn more about the state of our Fire and Police buildings, as introduced by Fire Chief Ed Collina and Police Officer and Union Leader Dale Parsons. 
Fire Station Walkthrough
Police Station Walkthrough

Melrose's Public Safety Buildings consist of four buildings:
















All of these buildings have served the City well, but have reached the end of their useful life in terms of building systems. Melrose has not updated our public safety buildings in decades. Our buildings are not meeting current building code, are not energy-efficient, and are too small to meet functional requirements. In some cases, these buildings are perpetually leaking, infested, and insufficient for our firefighters and police officers who work in them. If we continue to neglect these repairs and updates, we may be at risk for meeting the public safety needs of our citizens. 

As with all infrastructure, our public safety buildings need to be routinely maintained and updated over time. Our fire stations need to house larger, modern firefighting equipment, provide a clean and safe environment for our firefighters on duty, and be suitably located across Melrose to provide adequate response times to every part of our city. Our police station requires adequate functional spaces to ensure due process, proper administration and training, and access to the public.

Central Fire Station, located at 576 Main Street, which houses the Fire Department's Headquarters. The Central Fire Station was built in 1910 and is located in the City Melrose Historic District.

Melrose Highlands Fire Station, located at 278 Tremont Street and built in 1929.

East Side Fire Station, located at 280 East Foster Street and built in 1964.

The Melrose Police Station, located at 56 West Foster Street, and built in 1900.

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