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About the Project

Mayor Brodeur first announced his intent to reconstitute the Public Safety Building Committee in a public forum on August 18th, 2021, amidst a discussion of the City’s overall Capital Improvement Plan. ​


In late 2021, the Mayor established this Public Safety Building Committee to come up with a recommendation for how to renovate our public safety buildings. We, the Committee, initiated our effort by reviewing the previous feasibility study for public safety buildings completed in 2017, and are coming up with our recommendations which balance both the needs of our city and an effective use of our tax-payer dollars. We will present this recommendation to our Mayor, City Council, and the general public in stages as we come up with our findings.

We are a non-partisan committee composed of citizens with capital building project experience, city employees, the fire and police chiefs and union representatives, and past city councilors. Our task is to come up with the best path for public safety buildings for our city, and explain this to our fellow citizens so that we are all informed when we make this decision to fund this program. We’ve studied how surrounding MA municipalities have upgraded their public safety building infrastructure, and are learning from their planning and execution.

This will be a major, multi-year project for our city to undertake.The actual cost will depend on which plan Melrose selects, architectural, engineering, construction and land costs, and the phasing of the project.       


In 2017, a previous Melrose Public Safety Committee started this work. We contracted an architectural firm to develop several proposals. Ultimately, that committee did not agree on a solution which met all stakeholder needs. Specifically, the police and fire chiefs assessed that the proposed solutions did not meet the current and long-term needs of their departments for the city. Five years later, our buildings are in further disrepair as we have made no substantial improvements.

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